When the Atlantis survivors wake up, part 1 - History, science or fiction


Ajoutée le 19 mars 2015

When the Atlantis survivors wake up, part 1

Did survivors from an ancient global cataclysm spread their culture and technology across the planet? How old is "ancient"? Do you wonder about the similarity of peoples far-flung from one another, ancient texts, and modern artifacts showing up in odd places? Fascinated by stories of ancient wars... do you have memories of them? Get insights with new info, much never before available in English.


I won’t be able to respond or even read much of the comments on my videos. If you have a question that you would expect to be answered please address it to the email address that appears on the screen of some of videos on the topic of the Atlantis survivors. As questions come along I will be making videos with the answers. I sincerely apologise, however I won’t be able to answer much question in writing, I will do it in a video form.