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[St Jerome after Albrecht Dürer, AD 1514]

Intrigued by Velikovsky's claim that Saturn was once the pre-eminent planetary god, David Talbott resolved to examine its mythical character. A fascinating look at ancient history and cosmology, The Saturn Myth is a provocative book that might well change the way you think about man's history and the history of the universe.


Because of instabilities in the flow of plasma, the columns leading to the plasmoids at various times assumed different shapes -- most notably, the outline of a "squatting man." (It is uncertain if this involved single electron columns, or all of them grouped as one.)

[Image: Left: Peratt Column below the South Pole, a reconstruction. Right: A petroglyph rendering in Australia, dated to circa 5000 BC (but likely to before 8347 BC). Not shown clearly in this reproduction of the ball plasmoids is what looks like a face in the center of the nearest (lower) ball plasmoid. Such details could not be seen in the northern hemisphere because of the intervening equatorial rings. After Peratt.]

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