Petra (Jordan), all you've heard is wrong. The true ancient history of Petra. Forbidden Archaeology.

Ajoutée le 9 déc. 2015

Hi tech stone cutting marks...
Multi storied spacious underground apartments...
"Survivors" architecture it its finest...
at Petra, Jordan.


Petra Lost City of Stone Ancient History Documentary

Ajoutée le 20 juil. 2015

National Geographic 2015 1080p History Documentary Nova: Petra, Lost City of Stone HD.

Lost Treasures Of Petra (SECRET ANCIENT HISTORY DOCUMENTARY) The red-rose city of Petra stands as one of the most glorious and mysterious .

The Ancient City of Petra (Jordan): The Siq, The Treasury, The Facades Street, The City Center, The Monastery, views from 5 mountaintops surrounding Petra .

NOVA 2015 - Petra Lost City of Stone - Full Documentary Watch more video for Ancient Discoveries: - Civilisation (1969) Full Part 1 to 13 .